Get Involved

In high school and college you probably get sick of peppy people forcing the ‘get involved’ spiel on you from the minute you step through the doors, the only difference is in college getting involved is much more consequential than in high school. In high school it’s okay to slide by without being on a team or joining a club because you’re in a classes with people you already know and many times you have multiple classes with these same people, so making friends is easy. In college you can throw that out the window, making friends in a lecture hall where you don’t speak or interact isn’t exactly a piece of cake. In college getting involved is a must if you want to meet new people and make friends.

Getting involved in college can take many different forms and can even start before school. Plenty of schools offer pre-orientation programs where you get to know your classmates before you get sucked up into the orientation whirlwind. For example, my school offers a three-day camping and hiking trip, and the kids who participate have friends before move-in day. If your school doesn’t offer one of these, or it isn’t quite your fancy fear not, your school has plenty of other ways to get involved.

Greek Life is a great way to get involved, meet ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’, and aside from the social reputation it has there really is a philanthropic aspect to joining a fraternity or sorority. If you can’t rush first semester of your freshman year, there’s plenty of other organizations that you can join early on, one that I highly recommend is intramural sports. It’s a fun way to meet a bunch of people, you get your workout in and have a great time!

But aside from these options there are tons of ways to get involved on every campus, and just like you every organization is unique, try them all until you find the one that fits! While you’re cruising on the second semester of your senior year start researching what groups your college has to offer and look for some that interest you -- you won’t regret it.