Florida Winter Wonderland

Whether you’re a fan of winter or not, you’re not going to be seeing any snow in Florida. You’re out of state friends will show you pictures of the snow they have at their college and you might look at it with awe wishing you were not in the sunshine state. Though there won’t be any snow days at a Florida college, you can still celebrate the winter in sunny Florida.

I am not a fan of snow and cold weather, so I love Florida’s weather. However, even though I love it, I still found myself envying to see the snow that my friends saw in other states. The snow was a beautiful thing to see. I go to school at the University of South Florida, so I live in Tampa. I did not think Tampa would get very cold, but in January it was quite cold for a couple weeks, it even dropped as low as the 40s and I really wasn’t expecting it. I had to purchase a warm fuzzy jacket so I wouldn’t be cold walking to my classes.

Even though Florida doesn’t have snow like many other colleges, you can still appreciate the cold when the temperature drops. Also, think of how much more convenient it is not having to deal with snow. The roads and sidewalks don’t get icy, and you don’t have to intensely bundle up every time you walk outside. Cold and snow can be really be a hassle to deal with. So even though you may get jealous of the winter your friends experience in other states, be happy with the winter you get in Florida! Even though there may be no snow, there is a little cold weather that will make you feel like you’re walking in a winter wonderland.