Fixing a Rocky Start with a Not so Friendly Roommate!

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Roommates don’t always get along, and when they don’t it can be really hard to find a solution. Here are a few suggestions to work out differences with your college roommate.

If you and your roommate don’t get along, you should always talk it out. Talking it out will almost always help the situation. You might not get what you want, but at least your roommate will understand where you are coming from.

Compromising is also a great way to help your relationship. You both can work together to find a common goal which will benefit you and them.

Another great way to fix your relationship with your roommate is trying to get to know each other. You never know what you have in common unless you have a conversation and get to know one another. Going out and spending time with each other will also help! Ask him or her if they would like to go out for breakfast or lunch. Going out for food is great because eating food is something that everyone enjoys. It also helps you talk to each other. Nobody wants to sit at a table and be awkwardly silent. You might also want to find his or her interests. Showing an interest in what they are passionate about will always make them feel good about themselves and they will feel like you actually want to know more about them. Another way to connect with someone is to study with them! This is something you cannot avoid in college so you might as well have a study buddy. You can study in the dorms, or even go to the library together.

Having a roommate can be difficult in general, but when you don’t get along it can make it much harder. Go out, learn more about them, and just talk. It might not fix everything, but it will surely help!