Finding Balance in College


Finding balance in college proves to be difficult for a lot of students. College can catch you by surprise since you have much more freedom and independence, so striking a nice balance between work and play is essential.

Freshman year I focused primarily on my academics and social life, which seemed to be the norm for most of my class. My social life was mainly revolved around walking distance clubs and events since I lived in a dorm. Now, second semester of sophomore year, I’ve decided it’s time to buckle down, secure a good job, and really settle into a routine.

Given that I am out of freshmen prerequisite classes I have a lot more flexibility with my schedule. Last enrollment period I made sure to add all of my classes I wanted into the cart beforehand and was ready to click enroll as soon as my enrollment window opened. One bit of advice I can leave you is make sure you know when your enrollment window opens and plan accordingly. This will help ensure you can tailor your schedule to fit your needs. Consequently, I was able to keep my classes to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and only go from 9:05-1:20. A schedule like this lets me manage a job, and have availability Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as availability after 1:20 on class days.

My schedule also allows me to have a social life without putting myself in a bind. Class days and weekends I can go out to the club with my friends since I won’t have to be up early the next day, and I never feel too overwhelmed with work.

Taking time to travel is important, but very easy to forget. Freshmen year was a year where I stayed mostly around Tallahassee and didn’t travel too much during the actual school year. Now, during sophomore year, I’m realizing the importance of traveling during college and having these experiences with your closest friends. After experiencing your first year, think about taking weekend trips. I take weekend trips in close proximity now with my friends and have made some incredible memories.