Finding Art and Music on Campus

You don’t have to be an art or music major to enjoy either. In fact, both can be a great way to destress from our everyday lives. Because art is such a vague term, it is much easier to come across than one would think. On UF’s campus, there are specific locations that are assigned to art, such as the galleries located in the Fine Arts Campus, or the Harn Museum. There are also various free events and lectures in which well-known artists come to UF to talk about their work and experiences. These events are available to all UF students, not just art majors.


Other forms of less traditional art can also be found on UF's campus, such as the tunnel located between Norman Hall and Yulee Area. This tunnel is a designated graffiti area and features new graffiti or mural art weekly. One of my favorite understated art activities on campus is the Arts and Crafts center located in The Reitz Union. Students can paint a mug or bowl for as low as $5, and the best part is you can work on a piece for weeks at a time if you wish. The Reitz also offers many leisure courses where students can learn a trade or skill, such as learning how to cook pasta from scratch, or how to spin clay on a wheel. I personally am enrolled in an adult beginners’ ballet class through the Reitz and have enjoyed it very much.

If art is not exactly your cup of tea, then there are plenty of ways to find music on campus as well. One of the biggest events hosted by students at UF is the homecoming Gator Growl concert. Although Gator Growl charges $15 for student tickets, the performances, as well as the fun you will have, is well worth the money. UF also hosts many free concerts throughout the year, and sometimes the artists who play at the free concerts may appeal to you even more.

If you prefer to enjoy your music at a more personal level, there are various acapella concerts one could attend as well. Last year, UF hosted the ICCA Championships, which is exactly like the tournament we’ve all seen in the Pitch Perfect movies. The event was hosted in The Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, which houses many more events and performances throughout the year. These are just some of the many opportunities across campus that allow students to enjoy and participate in art and music without having to empty out their wallets.