Finals Week at FGCU

Here at FGCU, you can almost feel that finals are coming up. Campus is quieter, the library is fuller and the Starbucks lines are longer. However, for FGCU students, the stressful edge of finals is taken off by one simple event… Puppy Palooza.

Every week before finals, whether it be Spring or Fall semester, FGCU pairs up with a local humane society (specifically Gulf Coast Humane Society), and holds Puppy Palooza for students. The Gulf Coast Humane Society heads out to our main Cohen Center lawn and sets up several tents that each hold different puppies that are around 2 months old or younger and are available for adoption. Students can literally just go to the tents and play with the puppies for about 5-10 minutes, or if they want more time, they can adopt these puppies!

All students are encouraged to join in the fun that will also help to relieve stress before finals week.

“We’ve seen firsthand how pets can help relieve stress so we’re very excited to be partnering with Campus Rec and Prevention and Wellness to bring this event to FGCU…,” stated Courtney Piggott, Special Events Manager for the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

There is something so therapeutic about playing with puppies, and majority of students take advantage of this event when the end of a semester rolls around. Although students dread this time of year, they can also rejoice in knowing they will be playing with puppies. There are usually lines wrapped around school buildings to play with these furry friends.

Check with your campus event coordinator to see if the schools you're interested in hold any event like this, or just stop by your local humane society and give those animals that love they so desperately need while taking some stress off your back.  


*Donations of $1 are recommended to Gulf Coast Humane Society while you are there, but not required.