Enjoying Your Last Months of High School, What You'll Miss.

I’m sure at this point in high school, the only thoughts consuming your mind are graduation, prom, college acceptances, and the fact that your level of Senioritis has hit a new high. Although a new and exciting chapter is on the horizon, mixed in there must definitely be some hints of nostalgia from the past four years. After spending a vacation with my dad and his best friend from high school reliving their glory days, I know that the memories made in those four years will last a lifetime. 


Sure, you’re going to miss the big things from high school once you get to college. There are the obvious things like friends, sports teams, certain traditions and events that all come to mind when I reflect. However, what I’ve found after almost a year has gone by since my graduation, is that what I miss most are the little things from high school. I think about all the mornings I spent sitting in my friend’s car in the parking lot jamming out to music, or in my Coach’s office laughing with my teammates. I think about all the homeroom periods watching funny videos, dressing up for homecoming week in the most ridiculous costumes imaginable, forming close relationships with some of my teachers, and our senior trip.

Although I have found a way to play sports via intramurals, I also miss playing something competitively where I was motivated to win a state championship every single day. Don’t get me wrong, college is an amazing experience that I cherish all the time. That being said, high school is a time unlike no other. You are walking the line of adulthood, but haven’t truly gotten a taste yet. Don’t rush through your last few months, but rather appreciate every moment you have left in your high school experience. Go to everything, and make time for the little things since those are what you’ll think about once you reach college. Finally, next time you’re in a room with your entire grade, put a smile on your face and realize that these people helped shape the person that you are today and who you’ll be tomorrow.