Eating And Sleeping Habits For Success

I think most high schoolers would say that their best friend is their bed. Well I had that same mindset and let me tell you something, you and your bed become MUCH closer in college. There is nothing wrong with this, as I love my bed; however, you must be able to control it. Do not get into the habit of taking naps throughout the day. I’m not saying do not take naps, actually I encourage it, on certain occasions.

For example, if you just had a rough day of lectures, and do not have any homework due, take that nap and refresh yourself. If you have homework, do not take that nap, get your homework done beforehand, you want to limit yourself from doing homework at night as much as possible, most assignments have 11:59 P.M. due dates, so doing them an hour before they are due is not the best plan of action. Also, if you have an early class the next morning, do not take a nap. When you take a nap during the day, you won’t be able to fall asleep until late, and then you will wake up the next morning exhausted. So do not get in the habit of taking naps post-class, take them when necessary, but do not make them a habit. In doing so, you will naturally fall asleep earlier, than if you do take naps. Sleeping relatively early is a must do in college. Key word, relatively. If you think your gonna be at 9:30 P.M. your wrong.

The more realistic target time  would say is 11 P.M. I would say the average time people fall asleep in college is probably around 12:30, do not let yourself fall into that trap. You will wake up everyday miserable going to class. As far as eating habits go, the #1 thing I would recommend is make sure you actually eat. Surprisingly to me, a lot of people skip meals all the time. Your body needs food to work, so do not skip meals, and make sure you are not just eating junk all the time. Also, I would recommend, especially if you are not on a meal plan, go to Publix or whatever supermarket, and by food from there already made, or to cook yourself. It is much cheaper and much healthier than buying food from restaurants. That doesn’t mean don’t go eat with your friends (I eat chipotle with friends way more than I should) but try to limit how much you eat at these places.

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