Dorm Room Essentials

When I was first moving in to my dorm at the University of Florida, I was quite nervous about what to expect. When I entered my dorm room for the first time, I saw that there were two twin sized beds, two desks, two closets, and two drawers for your clothes. I was not surprised at all that my dorm looked extremely plain and bland.

In order to make it look good, I brought all sorts of posters and flags up to help decorate. For me, the most important thing I brought up to decorate my room with was the American flag. Personally, I believe that every dorm room in America deserves to have an American flag in it. Along with being patriotic, it also makes your room look much, much better.

Along with other flags, you can bring posters or pictures that will help you bring comfort to your life. If you are moving into a dorm that has communal bathrooms (like my dorm), you must also have shower shoes. Along with shower shoes, I have noticed many guys use shower caddies, which help you carry your soap and shampoo to the communal bathroom.

I also suggest buying a mini fridge to put underneath your bed because they are small and compact. They are great for left overs as well. Along with a mini fridge, I also suggest bringing a lot of snacks and a lot of bottled water up with you or a Brita filter. The food on campus is great, but it's nice to have something to munch on while studying or relaxing in your dorm. If you buy a lot of things in bulk before (such as water and snacks), it will save you money, and also you will not have to run errands throughout the school year to get more food or water.