Dealing With The First Bouts Of Homesickness


Homesickness is a common issue that a lot of freshman face after a few months away at college. It can be really difficult and distracting to deal with homesickness. There are things you can do though to get through it and get back to enjoying your time at school and focusing on your courses.

It's common for freshman living away from home to feel lonely or homesick at some point in their first semester. While you are probably making a bunch of new friends at school it is normal to miss your friends and family from back home. A lot of times when students start to have these feelings it becomes hard to shake them and they end up becoming homesick. I think one of the best ways to avoid this is just to keep yourself busy. Engulf yourself in your classes and spend a lot of time with your college friends and get involved on campus. Keeping yourself busy and focusing on your college life will make you happy about your situation and not feel sad
about being away from home. The more you do these things the more into them you get and
eventually you’ll be thriving socially and in all of your classes.

If you do find yourself homesick, though, there are definitely things you can do. Keeping in touch with friends and family is never hard, and I think this is the best way to get your spirits up if you feel homesick or lonely. On top of that college schedules tend to be flexible and it's never to hard to plan a trip home or to see your friends. Check out my last blog about planning a weekend trip to another college. Another thing you can do is reach out to the people around you. Odds are plenty of your new college friends will be going through the same things as you all year and homesickness is no different. Talk to them about it!

You may struggle with homesickness your freshman year and that’s normal. Try your best to keep a positive attitude don’t let anything get in the way of you having a great freshman year!