Course Selection

The process of selecting classes may seem confusing or intimidating at first, but it is nothing to fret. For most colleges’ class selecting process, you will have a window of when to apply for classes. It is important that you know what classes you are taking in advance and that you apply as soon as your window opens so those classes do not become full. Before selecting them you will meet with an advisor who will assist you in selecting them in regards to your major and requirements. Advisors will often have good ideas about what many classes are like and feedback on them via other students.

Selecting the best classes is really about what’s best for you. Although you will not always have a choice, you should try to take classes you like or think would interest you. It is a lot harder to write a paper on something you are not passionate or interested about than something you are. You should also consider the times and the days of your classes.

For me, my ideal schedule would consist of having classes from about ten to four o’clock and no class on Fridays. Although this is attainable, you will likely not always be able to get your schedule exactly how you want it due to the times certain classes are regularly held. For example, this semester I am taking two coding classes and a database course which are only held after four o’clock. Selecting a good teacher is very important as well. Your advisor may be able to provide some advice regarding teachers but it is not likely.

Luckily, there are blogs such as where real students rate and write about classes and teachers they have had. From this blog I have found reviews from the majority of the teachers I have searched at FSU. Although these should be taken with a grain of salt, I have found them to be nothing but helpful in helping me select the best classes and teachers.