College Trips on a Budget

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Although living on campus can be fun, some weekends you are your friends will want to get away. This can sometimes be difficult as traveling can be expensive; however, here I will show you the best trips you can take on a budget.

The first, and quite possibly my favorite, trip is to the beach. The beach is only an hour away from my campus and I usually split the price of the gas to get there with my friends. We usually pack a cooler full of food before we go so we do not purchase meals once we get to our destination. We will usually spend the whole day in the sun playing games and having fun and we really only spend around five dollars each. During the winter, you can even spend ten extra dollars and drive your car on the beach which is super cool and convenient as you don't have to lug your beach gear onto the beach because you can drive right up to the shore.

Trips to state parks are also really fun adventures to take on the weekend. Near Orlando
there are a ton of parks and natural springs that provide fun weekend activities. Usually the parks ask for a small donation or a six dollar parking fee but the more people you pile into a car, the less expensive it will be. At Rainbow Springs State Park, which is around an hour away from UCF, you can rent kayaks, canoes, and even inner tubes. If you don’t feel like paying for renting equipment, there are various nature trails to walk around and explore in.

However you decide to spend your weekends, with a little bit of research and spontaneity you really should not have to spend more than a couple bucks on your adventures to have the time of your life and to make memories with your friends that you will never forget.