College Packing: Toss, Pack, or Give Away

College Packing.png

Leaving for college is an exciting time for any student, but especially for freshmen leaving the nest for the first time. The summer before my freshman year I remember someone telling me, “You never know what to expect, forget the socks bring the tutus.” They were halfway right, I used almost every random costume I brought, but I found myself buying packs of socks almost every month. Now I’m sure if you’re like me you will look up a ton of different ‘college lists’ when you start shopping and packing for school, and they’re super helpful, but not always reflective of what you’ll actually use.

My first piece of advice is, don’t skip the little stuff; things like tape, scissors, laundry soap, and extra sheets will save you from completely unnecessary headaches. I can’t even
count how many times my posters fell off the walls and I woke up with a 24x36 John Belushi in
his college sweatshirt serving as a second blanket -- my tape fixed it (at least temporarily).

My second piece of advice is, leave things you don't need/use. When it comes to clothes though, I remember packing so many things that I didn’t wear at home because I thought they might make an appearance in my college wardrobe, but I was so wrong. There was a reason I never wore them at home, and those reasons didn’t disappear when I went to school. It was really helpful to leave clothes that I never wore at home, come home and go through my drawers to give away those same clothes that I forgot I even had and really didn’t need. So, pack what you wear, pack what you’ll need, and pack things for fun too!

I never thought I would use my Halloween costume from two years ago, but for some reason I brought it and used it for a themed party. If you overpack, don’t sweat it because you can always give stuff away at the end of the year -- just don’t give away your socks or tutus!!