College Advice - Choosing Classes


In my first semester in college, I was placed into an ‘entertainment technology’ course. For those
who are unclear about what ‘entertainment technology’ is, you are not alone. I was unclear about what it was, and I was also unfamiliar with the drop/add process, so I stayed in the course. I learned many things along the way, most importantly that ‘entertainment technology’ basically means all backstage theatre processes and set-development. Confused as I was, I couldn’t have asked for a more hands on class.

Admittedly, I was horrible at building sets, hanging lights, and sound production; however, I learned so much about all that goes into the production of theatre -- not just the script and rehearsals, this class taught me everything from blocking to lighting. Hesitant as I was about this class, I am thankful that it connected me with the creative scene on campus. Because of this course, I wouldn’t miss one of the plays our campus theatre puts on. Going to events your campus hosts, whether it be plays, ballets, art shows, or even stand-up routines provides endless entertainment for the college student on a budget. Often times these events are discounted for
students, so if you can’t dig up $10 for a movie ticket, you can probably catch a campus play for a lot cheaper -- plus it’s live and you’re supporting your colleagues. There’s lots of ways to keep yourself up to date with your favorite campus events, namely following them on instagram. If you know which arts departments interest you the most, follow their specific instagram to keep yourself up to date on their events and promotions.

Interested in art? Follow your school’s art department. Supporting the arts programs at your schools is a great way to experience new things, meet new people, and find affordable entertainment on your college budget!