Clubs and Organizations at FSU

Florida State University has a diverse student body of around 40,000 students stemming from all 50 states and over 100 countries. Students come from many different cultures and have a wide variety of interests which is why it is important to get involved in clubs, Greek life, student government, or intramurals to make your college experience feel personal and allow you to find people just like yourself.

On top of finding your niche on huge college campuses, student organizations give you the opportunity to run for executive positions within each organization and build your resume.

Potential employers and internships love to see involvement and leadership more recently than your high school career. Similarly to how a high school student applies to colleges, college students apply for jobs and internships and these potential positions look for much of the same stuff as a colleges look for in high school students.

Also, student organizations are a good way to break free from the monotone weekly college activities such as going to class and homework. All organizations put on social events, functions, and have meetings which offer a nice change of pace throughout your week.

Club sports are also great for a student who wants to continue playing sports at a more competitive level but not have the commitment of playing collegiate sports. The club sports teams are very competitive nationally at FSU but are also relaxed. It is not hard to get involved on campus if you want to.

Every year at Florida State during the first week of classes, all the clubs and organizations set up tables advertising to incoming students in Oglesby Union. No matter what school you attend, every club, fraternity, sorority, club sports team, or organization is looking for new members so don’t be afraid to ask questions and socialize with active members of a group.