Choosing Your College Courses

Choosing college courses can be a scary thing for incoming freshman who have never experienced anything like it before. The classes you take really have a huge effect on your semester. Here are a few tips to make sure you end up in the right classes for your major and also choose classes that will set you up for success:

1. Talk to a guidance counselor frequently

My suggestion as far as the guidance office goes is find a counselor that you like and get to know them well. Make it a point to see them every time you go so that they remember you because they might show a little more interest in you than if you bounced around from counselor to counselor. Counselors are really your only source for plotting your educational map throughout the next few years.

2. Use people who have recently gone through the same thing as an important source for information

In terms of picking teachers and time slots, talk to brothers, sisters, or friends who have already been through what you are about to dive into. They can be extremely helpful in helping you choose the best time slots and teachers.

3. Use websites such as to make sure you end up with a good teacher is an extremely helpful website when choosing teachers. A teacher can make or break a class, semester, and your GPA. I highly recommend using websites like this to choose teachers because they are such an important part of having a good college experience. is a website where teachers are reviewed and rated by students who have already taken the teacher’s class. It really is a great tool to use when picking classes.

4. Lastly, don’t overwhelm yourself.

The last thing you should consider, which is pretty common sense, don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t take any more than you think you can handle especially if you are rushing a fraternity or sorority.