Choosing Between Your College Acceptances

I want to talk to you today about choosing between your college acceptances. This is a very big decision that a lot of high school students have to make around this time.

The first thing you should ask yourself before you make this decision is this. “Why am I going to college?” Many kids nowadays will decide on a college because all of their friends are going to a school or it is the popular choice. You have to remember that you are going to college to learn. You do want to make sure that you will enjoy your time in college, so you definitely want to chose a college that makes you feel at home. But, the best advice I could give any student making this decision would be to tour all of the colleges that you were accepted into and find the college that excels in your particular major.

For example, during this same time last year I was deciding between University of Central Florida and Florida State University. This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make because both schools were beautiful and had so much to offer. I was swayed by Florida State University going into my college tours because I knew that a lot of my friends were going to be going there in the fall. But as I toured the school I realized that their engineering program was not what I had expected.

I then toured the University of Central Florida, which none of my friends were going to, and the engineering program was incredible. Multiple brand new buildings, the latest in technology, numerous companies partnering for internship opportunities, and so much more was what UCF’s engineering program had to offer me.

I was scared by this decision at first because I knew that if I went to the University of Central Florida I would not know as many people as if I went to Florida State University. After thinking my decision through, I chose UCF because their program for my major was so much stronger.

I definitely made the right decision and I am enjoying UCF a lot because I also feel at home. However, this is just my experience. There is a lot that FSU has to offer that would make it the better choice depending on your major.

The biggest factor in choosing the school you want to go to really should be what you want to study. Out of the schools you are accepted into it is necessary to do a lot of research and truly find out which school is best for you and your intended major. This will allow you to succeed in college and get the most out of your college experience.