Choosing A College Major: A Student's Perspective

Daniela Suarez-Rivero clues us in on her view on choosing a major as you enter your freshman year of college. 

There really is no “process” in picking a major. Students will pick their major during registration while they are attending orientation (known as “Preview” at UF). Students can change their majors (and most likely will change majors) many times up until the beginning of junior year or so.

Personally, I’ve always known that I want to study medicine so I've always wanted a science-­based major. However, if science is something you don’t want to study as intensely and you still want to be a pre­-med student, you can select ANY major. As long as you complete all the required classes for medical school, any major can be selected.

A lot of people don’t know what they want to study right at the beginning of college and that’s okay! In fact, many select the “undecided” major in order to get a taste of everything. This way you can take classes you might not have taken and you can find what you think is interesting. Any advice I’d give to a high school senior is to have an open mind. You may have your heart and mind set on one particular subject, but please be open to new classes/topics/possibilities!