Carpooling to and from home for breaks:


Going home for a holiday break is one of the best times of the school year. Depending on where you live and where you attend school, the drive might be pretty long. But a long drive to vacation is not all that bad; the drive back to school, however, can be terrible...especially alone.

Since friends make everything better, why not have them join you for the drive home? Entertainment during a long car ride can make five hours seem more like two. Even if a friend lives an hour away from you, if their home is on the way to yours, then carpooling makes more sense than not. Making a fun road trip out of just a three-hour drive can make all the difference. It’s also good to drive home with friends because you can take turns driving so you don’t get tired behind the wheel. When you carpool you can split money for gas and share snacks if you want, which is always a good way to save some cash for when you get home.

Sometimes the situation occurs where your friend can drive home with you but will need to be back at school before you do; in this case, buses are a great resource. It is really easy and pretty cheap to take a bus to or from school. Your friend can drive home with you then catch a bus back to school when they need to and you still get to stay home as long as possible. Another benefit of carpooling home is that if you drive to and from one time, then the next time one of your friends can drive home so it is less wear and tear on both of your cars. I love carpooling to and from home because I think it’s more fun to sing along to songs with people rather than alone.