Benefits of Rushing in the Spring

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Sorority and fraternity rush are different from each other in the Fall but inherently separated in the Spring. Although Fall rush is more common and popular amongst incoming freshman, Spring rush is nonexistent for sororities and much smaller for fraternities. If I were rushing a sorority, I would strongly recommend Fall rush because the atmosphere that surrounds this time is lost come spring time.

Sororities, if they participate at all, take pledge classes of two maybe three girls. Fraternities take smaller reduced pledge classes usually about half the size of their Fall class. Although I don’t recommend spring rush for sororities, I advise incoming freshman to rush fraternities in the Spring. I am biased because I was a Spring pledge but it was the best decision I made in college. Fall pledges will argue that you miss your first tailgate season but I never had a problem finding a place to tailgate. Because Spring classes are traditionally smaller, you get to know your pledge brothers far better. In my pledge class of 16, I know everything about everyone from what they like to do to their parent’s middle name. It’s a sense of brotherhood that I feel fall rush lacks because you are dealing with pledge classes of 50 plus kids.

Another reason to rush in the Spring, that my parents were adamant about, was taking full advantage of easy classes while you can. The easiest classes you take in college are obviously first semester so it is important to do well and start off with a high GPA. Many students find that it is extremely hard to get a slid GPA while pledging because of the large time commitment that it entails. It helped me come Spring when I was pledging to already have a semester of school under my belt, solid study habits, and a semester to adjust to life on my own.