Beating Homesickness at College


One of the most exciting things about starting college for those of you who are living at your university is going to be your newfound independence. You have probably heard a lot about all the responsibility and level of maturity that is required when you move away to college, but most people don’t realize beforehand how important and helpful it is to make sure you call home enough.

Living away from your parents and siblings who you are used to seeing every day can be a pretty hard adjustment for a lot of students. The best way to avoid problems with homesickness and feeling lonely at school is to keep in touch with the people you are closest to, your family. When you start college you are undoubtedly going to be more busy than you have been. Try your best not to let that get in the way of you talking to your family though. When I was a freshman this would happen to me. I would be busy with all my classes and activities 24/7 and if I would go a few days without talking on the phone, not just texting, my family I would realize that it was bringing me down.

Talking to your parents and siblings is definitely a good distraction from everything your dealing with in your new life away from home. In college you will meet and be around a bunch of new people so contact with the people you know love you the most is always nice. Keeping in regular contact with your family you’ll see benefits in added motivation for your classes, your general attitude, and will fend of homesickness. Those three things alone will make your college life, especially your freshman year much more successful and enjoyable.

Good luck and Go 'Noles!