Adjusting to Roommate Life

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If you're like me, adjusting to roommate life can be difficult, especially when two out of your three roommates are bad. At most campuses though, there are steps you can take to ensure you will get along with one of your roommates. There are also certain things you can do to make your bad roommates a little more bearable.

When living on campus, most colleges allow you to pick one of your roommates. Now it’s not always a good idea to live with someone you already know from high school because you want to be able to meet new people. However you probably also don’t want to live with someone you've never talked to. That's why it is very important to sign up for your classes Facebook page and for roommate matching websites to find suitable roomies. I met one of my roommates last year through and she is now my best friend and my roommate this year again. Websites like Roomsurf ask you what university you are going to attend and other questions about your personality and how you like to live in order to match you with someone similar to you. They then give you a list of profiles and you can message people who you think you like. It is a really simple process to go through and I highly recommend doing it.

Last year my dorm was a 4 bedroom apartment style. That meant three other roommates and I was only allowed to choose one. The other two roommates were messy and crazy but there was nothing I could do but stick it out and try to make the best out of my living situation. The biggest advice I can give is to not be passive aggressive. When your roommates do something that bothers you, like leaving dirty dishes in the sink or constantly coming home drunk with friends at 5 am, don’t just let them step all over you. Next time you see them tell them, nicely tell them what is bothering you. If they still don't listen then tell your RA and have them talk to them because usually that helps a ton.

You do not have to be best friends with all your roommates but your dorm room is going to be your home for the next year so you want to be bearable. Do not let things build up because a stressful living situation is the last thing you need. Remember to keep an open mind because you may really like one of your roommates and you might want to live with them again next year!