A Student's Perspective on Choosing a Major: How a Vacation Led Me to My Future Career

A note from Hunter Cambon: Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions you make in college. It's a decision that more often than not changes during your college career as well. So I wanted to get a student's perspective on why they chose their major.

Guest blogger, Matt Brunswick explains how he decided to major in International Studies at USF:

Initially I wanted to study Criminology, until I met a guy named Chris. He had a bachelor's degree in Criminology. He told me he took out tons of loans and his girlfriend was helping him pay them off. I met Chris because he was my bus driver. That was his job. Not a good sign right? Naturally I was heart broken because I had been looking forward to that career path since I was 12. After meeting Chris, I figured I needed to rethink my future career path, but I had no idea what I wanted to do.

Up until June 2014, I had never left the country. In fact, I didn't even have a passport. So you can imagine my excitement when my aunt offered to take me to Europe for the Summer. I was terrified in a way, but I jumped for it and told her I would go get a passport that week. We flew to London, Portugal, Paris, and then back to London. I was culture shocked, but in a good way. I loved how different everything was and I realized how vast the world is.

In London I would wake up, get on the Underground and just wander the city all by myself, avoiding tourist spots and visiting graffiti parks, underground concerts and local restaurants. I even ended up seeing one of my close friends, Lubba (You probably mispronounced that.), in Central London. She speaks four languages as well as shares the same major as me. I went to Algarve Portugal, swam in the Mediterranean, and partied til the sun came up.

In Paris I walked through streets looking at art markets and drinking the best coffee ever. I made friends with people from Ireland to South Africa to Amsterdam, friends whom I still talk to every day. I left the comfort of the hotels to explore and I loved it, just three countries, 50 days and with only 400 US dollars.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with college, let alone a major. Well this trip helped me realize that I love to travel, and that whole encounter I had with Chris made me realize I should get a degree with more options. So I decided to major in International Studies.

International Studies is great because I can go into law enforcement, politics, or global business. Not to mention I'll get to fill my nice new passport with a bunch of stamps from all around the world.