A life lesson from fall semester

A life lesson I learned from the fall semester is not to procrastinate. Now, this is a very basic lesson and seems like something everyone says to do; however, high school procrastination is very different from college procrastination. In college you have the freedom to procrastinate so much more than you do in high school. For example, procrastination in high school is leaving an essay or an assignment for last minute, while in college you can just not go to class.

One of my classes is a hybrid class, which means they are lectures you can attend or watch online later. I told myself I would go to the actual lectures rather than watching them online, that method however did not even last past week one, and I found myself watching the lectures online. Sure enough I began to procrastinate with these online lectures and leave them to be watched at a later time. After time went by I realized that my first exam would be in a week and I was over one and a half months worth of lectures behind. That week I did nothing but watch economics.

Lecture after lecture after lecture, I was overloaded with econ, lost lots of sleep, and was able to fully prepare myself for the exam. Math, a class I managed to not procrastinate in however, homework in math were assigned and not due for another four days, however by doing them when they were assigned I was always able to be ahead of the game. In doing so I was much more prepared and stress free when my math exam rolled around. Calc 2 is a much harder class than microeconomics which much harder concepts and a much larger workload, however do to my procrastination, microeconomics became a more difficult class for me than Calc 2.