5 Tips for Spring Break

Hey! My name is Marena and I’m a current sophomore at the University of Central Florida. It’s almost March which means Spring Break is right around the corner!! Traveling home for Spring Break for me is a vacation alone, but when I was in high school I loved to travel over any break I could. There are so many great ways to spend Spring Break, but here are my top 5:

1. Travel

Once you’re in college and you become broke and busy, it gets harder to save up money to travel. So do it while in high school! Your parents would most likely love to help you out to see the world a bit and it is a great way to supplement your school learning with cultural learning.

2. Work

It does not sound like the best Spring Break ever, but you will definitely reap the benefits of it. You have more than a week of free time, so why not turn your time into money? House-sitting, picking up daytime shifts at the restaurant you work at, or even going to work with a parent for the day to help out and make some extra bucks are all great ways to make Spring Break feel like it was well spent.

3. Stay Local

Whether you stay in your hometown or even just a couple of hours away, there can be so many fun and interesting new things to try. Take advantage of all your free time over Spring Break to go to a cool restaurant that’s a bit of a drive away, or go camping at a nearby state park. You would be surprised how cool your home is!

4. Hibernate

Not literally, but sometimes a whole week of YOU time can be amazing. It might sound boring at first, but a break from friends that you see all the time at school could result in learning more about yourself, and you’ll be even more excited to see your friends when school starts again. Some good, family time is also important, especially if you’re heading to college soon.

5. Live It Up

It’s Spring Break, you and your friends have unlimited time, to do whatever you want, pretty much whenever you want. Have sleepovers every night, and spend your days in the sun. Hit the beach or go on the boat everyday. Hike or have campfires if you’re up north and spend your days outside in the fresh spring air. You can be carefree for a whole week so live it up my friends.