5 Terrifying College-Themed Halloween Costumes

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With college application deadlines fast approaching, the best way to spook all your classmates at this year’s Halloween party is to channel their fears about next fall. These five costume ideas beat any monster or clown costume in scariness for any high school seniors.

Beware: you might reduce your more anxious friends to the fetal position, mumbling “common app… essay questions… FAFSA” over and over.

1. The Overenthusiastic Parent

What to wear: head-to- toe gear from the university of your choice, white sneakers with crew socks, khakis

Shell out a couple dollars at a university bookstore’s clearance section for a T-shirt, visor, sunglasses and even a fanny pack to combine with the parent staples of khakis and white sneakers for this look. Bonus points if the shirt has some sort of tailgating or party reference for the parents that want to feel like an undergrad again. Your costume will terrify any student that knows their parents won’t take the hint to leave on move-in day.

2. The College Professor

What to wear: tweed jacket with elbow patches, spectacles, a 500-page textbook you’re your name in the byline, devil horns

This costume depicts the professor all your high school teachers warn you about. The jacket and glasses convey the academic vibe, but the devil horns let you know this professor takes attendance every day, doesn’t accept late work, and loves pop quizzes and student tears.

3. The Bad Roommate

What to wear: duffel bag of unwashed gym clothes, T-shirt with sorority or fraternity letters of their long-distance SO, portable speaker with horrible music playing too loud

This roommate stinks up the room with their laundry, kicks you out when their LDR visits every weekend, and plays music on full blast when you try to study. Anyone choosing to go for a random roommate might rethink their decision after seeing your costume.

4. The Obvious Freshman

What to wear: lanyard with student ID, clothes with high school logo, brand new university clothing with tags still on, campus map

Every college has their own ways of spotting freshmen, but these basic items will identify you as a newbie anywhere you go. No one wants to look like the baby on campus.

5. The Real Adult

What to wear: college diploma to carry around, cardboard sign that says “Please help, I have student loans to pay off”

Some people skip college stressing and go straight to stressing about what college means: entering the real world. Your real adult outfit will vary by career path, but everyone comes out of college with just a diploma to lean on and just as little money.