3 Reasons to Choose UCF: A Student's Perspective

Guest blogger, Marc Sznapstajler helps us understand why he made the decision to attend UCF.

The University of Central Florida is a very unique campus. Established in 1963,  UCF just celebrated its 50 year anniversary when I was starting my freshman year of college. There are many reasons why UCF appealed to me as a potential student and future alumnus, but here are a few reasons why UCF won me over amongst all the other college campuses I toured.

1. The Campus

First off, when walking around the main campus in the heart of Orlando, the scenery and buildings are absolutely beautiful. Between our state of the art Student Union (the heart of our campus), Memory Mall (a giant land of grass area where plenty of students play sports and picnic), and our Reflection Pond (which is the host of the number 1 homecoming tradition across the country), the campus absolutely took my breath away. 

2. The Opportunities

In addition to the beauty of the campus, which is already hard to overlook, there are multiple opportunities that the University and surrounding area offers for potential job employment. Some students work full time while taking a full course load, while others take part time jobs and internships (something that is becoming increasingly important). UCF is not just a college town. We have our few miles of UCF territory, but outside of the campus life, is a blossoming community of Orlando, FL. There is more than Disney World and Universal in Orlando. Central Florida is the heart of our entire state, and with that comes a robust economy, social sphere, and people. Whether it is on campus, or 15 minutes away in Downtown Orlando, UCF truly does stand for opportunity. If you want to make something special happen, UCF will assist you in the process. The possibilities are endless.

3. The Student Body

Finally, what closed the deal for me was the diverse student population and inclusive environment UCF houses. With more than 40% of the entire 60,000 students coming from other nationalities and countries, everyone has a place on this campus. I saw that immediately when I visited. UCF truly does offer the most bang for your buck, a unique education and college experience, and the best time of your life.