3 Reasons to Choose FSU: A Student's Perspective

Guest blogger, Lauren Grzywna explains how she decided to attend Florida State University.

Coming from a family that already had so much pride in Florida State University, I knew that FSU was one of my top choices for universities. My brother attended FSU from 2008-2012, so I already had a lot of exposure to the school. I even attended my brother’s orientation when he visited!

For me, FSU checked all the boxes. It was an aesthetically pleasing school. When I walk down legacy walk and see the Weeping Willows, I know that I am extremely lucky to have access to such a beautiful campus. 

Florida State is the only school in Florida that doesn’t feel as though it’s in the sunshine state. Except for summer when it’s hotter than the Sahara. FSU actually gets all four seasons and for me, someone who was hell bent on going to school out of state, that was a big deal.

At the time I applied I wasn’t aware that FSU is home to one of the top Interior Design programs in the country. Florida State’s Interior Design program is the #1 Most Admired in the Nation. This is huge for a state school like FSU to receive this honor. The major is super competitive with about 100 freshman students competing their first year for one of the 40 spots in the program. Each year is tougher than the next, but I’m super excited for the challenge.

Finally, I chose Florida State because I love the atmosphere. Students are extremely genuine and they are truly a family. Every time I’m on campus I feel like I’m at home. I can’t fully express just how happy I am to be there whether it be sitting on Landis Green or cheering in Doak, each experience on campus is better than the next. I am so proud to be an FSU Seminole and I am so excited for the next four years. Go Noles!